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Farnham Town FC

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Farnham Town Football Club History


Farnham Town was formed in 1912 and graduated through the ranks of the Surrey Senior Status. From the Surrey Senior League the club progressed to the London Spartan League. At the end of the 1979/80 season Farnham Town left the London Spartan League and applied to the Combined Counties League, their application was accepted and they finished 4th in their first season.

The club then went on to finish runners – ups in the Challenge Cup in the 1980/81 season, losing to Malden Town in the final. In the same season the Reserve Team finished as runners – ups to Ash United. Farnham Town then became the nearly team as losing finalists of the Concours Cup to Guildford and Worplesdon in 1983/84 and then in the 1988/89 to BAE Weybridge. The club did, however, salvage some success when we won the Challenge Shield against Ash United in the Final.

The 1986/87 season saw Farnham take second place to Ash United in the league campaign. The glory days finally arrived in the 1990/91 season when the club won the League Title. In 1991/92 season, when we got a clean sheet of the major trophies by winning the Combined Counties Premier League Title, Dan Air Elite cup and the Dan Air Challenge Cup.

With expectations and excitement growing the club began plans for the (Diadora) League and where accepted for the following season but badly needed development money for necessary ground improvements but there was no money forthcoming and resulted in the club not having a league to play in for the 1992/93 season.

Many of the players who helped the club achieve their earlier success moved on to local neighbours, Aldershot Town who had just been formed and were instrumental in the Diadora 3 championship side. If only Farnham Town had been able to continue with good fortune at that time…..

Basingstoke Town also had a stroke of good fortune at Farnham’s expense, recruiting manager Ernie Howe but at least it means that the has excellent relationships with local senior clubs.

In 1993/94, with the Isthmian plans abandoned, the club were accepted back into the Combined Counties League. They won the Challenge Cup in the 1995/96 season by beating Nethrene 3 – 0 in the final. Recent Years have not see a repeat of the success, but the club is building again, looking to become a strong force in the league and adopting a programme of continuous improvement

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